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Monkey and Orangutan
The Whole State of Michigan
Keeping It Real
Au Natural: Carson's Birth Story
Born to Flip: A Home Renovation
Minor Differences: Babies
I Don't Even Know Who You Are Anymore
Minor Differences: Don't Be A Chicken
Side Trip to Zion
The Wave: A Three Mile Trek To Candy Land
Best Friends
Grand Canyon
Flagstaff: Five Thousand Falls and Counting
Hiking with J-Dizzle
First World Problems: Party School
Working on the Atalaya Trail
Headin' Out West
Diamond Mind: Striking It Rich
Road Trip to Sunny Skies
A Christmas Surprise
37 Hours of Secret Travel
Bali Bikes
Beaches of Canggu, Bali
You Will Drink Cat Poop!
Ubud: I Love You Monkey
Singapore: In and Out
Back in Bangkok
Singapore Will Save Us
Luang Prabang: Tak Bat Monk Tradition
Luang Prabang: Waterfalls and Bears
Slow Boat to Laos
All Signs Lead To The Chiang Mai Zoo
Thai Food Yum: Phad Thai
Knocked Out: Muy Thai Style
Lampang: Poop and Other Elephant Artwork
Chiang Mai Chow Down
Chiang Mai on Fire
Captured: Phi Phi Island Rebels
Dusty Magic, Magic, Magic
Phi Phi: Swimming In It
Happy Thanksgiving from Asia!
Phuket: Beach, Beverages and Bikinis
Bangkok Floating Market
Bangkok: I Happy, You Happy
Falls Pit Stop
Boston: Todd-a-plop on the Freedom Trail
A Reunion in Jersey: Valley not Shore
Liberty of the Ass
Arlington: Too Much For Words
Costs of Living at Home
Virginia: Benoni's Dead and I Don't Care, I've Had 28 Wines
Skipping Town With The Squirrels
Seduced By Luxury
Dusty Day: Downtown Cincinnati
We're Not Quitters: My 7 Links
I Think My Brain Has Changed
Burning and Busting Out
No Diseases Contracted In The Making Of This Blog Post
Indianapolis: Upholstery Bootcamp
I Do Not Need 8 Gallons of Mayonnaise
Budget May Day
All American Food...Get In My Belly
Surprise! We're Home Bitches!
Walking, Swimming, Bussing and Biking to South Beach
Miami Beach: Brittany and Ryan Get Hitched
West Palm Beach: A Vacation From Our Sabbatical
The Reentry Dilemma
It's A Party in Asunción
And I Owe It to Iguazú-u-u-u-u....
Ciudad Del Este: Getting Around It
April Budget Brings May Nugget
Paraguay: Why Not!?
Buenos Aires: Recoleta and Russians
Buenos Aires: Parte Dos
Throwing Down in Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio: By 4x4 and Candlelight
En Fuego: Punta del Diablo
What's the Punta?
So Much Room For Activities in Colonia Del Sacramento
Patagonia is Freaking Expensive and Worth It
Free Fun in Buenos Aires
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Luján!
Rock Bottom
Crampons on Perito Moreno
Navimag: Ferry in the Fjords
Breezing through Bariloche
Tempus Alba Able
Expensively delicious in February
Bikes and Wines
Empanadas For Your Pie Hole
Salchicha Pizza
Meat and Malbec in Mendoza
Sharing our trip
Diggin Mendoza
Virgin above the Zoo
Everyone Hates The Steelers, Even In Chile
The Ground is Boiling
BFE Bolivia
Breaking the bank in January
We Survived!
Let's Get Ready to Rumble, Cholita!
Baby Llamas
Crossing to Copa, Copacabana
Floating on Titicaca
Andean Exploring on Rails
New Wonder of Our World: Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu...We Can Do It Ourselves!
Jumping Off Point
Frappuccinos and Fountains
Oh Happy Day!
Heaven in a Cup
Shooting Peruvians
December Travel Monkeys Must Pay
Surfing and Christmas Pizza
Crossing Borders
Donde esta el Banos
Cuy, Cuy, Cuy
Money and Games in November
Volcano, Dalmatians and Llamas...Oh My!
Balance an Egg On a Nail
Small Piece of Bread
Two Hour Tour
Beach, Beer, and a Snackmaster in Puerto Lopez
Lots of Boobies in Isla de la Plata
Bartending, the Authorities and Thanksgiving
Always Wanting More
One Block From the Pacific
Pig, Rooster, Chicken
October was expensive
This One's For My Sisters-In-Law*
No Speaka Spanish
Montanita is a Crazy Fun Surfer Party
Guaya Not?
How can you afford to travel?
Closing Up Colombia
So Loved Salento
Mud Wrestling
Getting Fresh
Down on the Eco Farm
What did we pack?
Off and Up Out: Medellin to Salento
Crashing in Colombia: Arcadia Hostel
Rock On
Seen in Medellin
Up, Up and Away!
We Bought Tickets