About Us

Hi, we’re Wendy and Dusty, a married couple who can’t stay put for too long. A few years ago, we went on our honeymoon to Costa Rica, caught the travel bug, and started dreaming of exploring more of the world. We decided that we could either dream about it or do it. So, we spent the next couple of years making it happen.

In October 2010, we began our first attempt at extended travel in South America. We knew we were starting in Medellin, Colombia, but didn’t know where we would stay or how long we would be gone. We sold all of our belongings back home, rented our house and took off with only a map, two backpacks, and beginner skills in Spanish.

Since that 7 month tour of South America, we’ve taken a U.S. road trip, as well as jetted off to Southeast Asia. Now we are back roaming the U.S. again. Not sure where we will go exactly, but we have some ideas, so stay tuned…

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our adventure!