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Sucre isn’t really high on the list of things to see on the Gringo Trail. We ended up there because my sister told me it sounded nice and had an interesting attraction. Most attractive was the inexpensive direct flight from La Paz which meant we didn’t have to take an all day bus through the mountains. We’ll do almost anything to avoid those.

On our first day in town, we hopped on the “dino truck” and headed off to Sucre’s big attraction: dinosaur tracks! (Can this trip get any more random?) A while back, the city had a large earthquake which demolished many homes and buildings. As a result, a company began excavating this area to provide concrete to rebuild. While they were digging they discovered fossilized dinosaur tracks. Apparently, there was a lake here ages ago and the dinosaurs would walk here to get a drink. Over time the land has shifted which is why the rock is slanted upward rather than being flat. We could see them from where we were standing but they also had telescopes for better viewing. If you look closely you can see a line of tracks crossing the giant rock slab.

Dinosaur tracks Dinosaur tracks
Dinosaur tracks Dinosaur tracks

Aside from the tracks, there wasn’t much else at the museum except life sized replicas of the dinosaurs that made the tracks. If you have an imagination and some time, and we have both, places like this become more interesting. Pictures and videos (for the nieces and nephews of course!) make everything more fun. Any excuse to be a little weirder than usual.

Dino Don't pooh on me!
Its huge! Arrrggh

After fun with dinosaurs we spent the rest of our time in Sucre wandering around town. One afternoon was spent at the Mirador Cafe taking in the view, playing Rummy and practicing Spanish with a musician at the restaurant. After some hair raising-thrill riding in La Paz, it was nice to just chill our for a bit.

What a site

Playing some cards

For the photo hungry, click here. For the kids and video lovers, here’s a random mix of Sucre:

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